Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh yeah, I'm home

I got home in more or less one piece, on Thanksgiving Day (Nov 24) as planned. Despite a few minor setbacks, itinerary replans, missed trains, rail strikes, and an overly-ambitious schedule, I've got to say, that it all worked out pretty well.

Knowing what I know now about how the trip went, I'd make a few minor tweaks but I'd still do my "Best of Europe" trip the same way. For my next trip, however (and whenever that may be), it'll be shorter in duration and distance travelled.

This truly was the trip of a lifetime. I can't see myself having the ability to take a ten-week vacation ever again, for one thing, unless I win the lottery or hit retirement age, and next time I won't have the stamina to do what I did. But what it did give me was the chance to see Europe and to decide where I might like to go back on a future trip.

In the meantime, I have been posting my pictures on Flickr and at this writing I'm almost done. However, the writeups will take longer, and the photos are unlabeled and uncommented so unless you've been there and know what the pictures are of, you'll have to wait for the upcoming writeups. I'll start by going back to my notes and posting the details of what I had planned to do for the day in each place (that's the easy part), and then slowly going over the day-by-day things I actually did.

So stick around, I'm not quite finished with this thing yet...

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