Wednesday, December 7, 2011

By the numbers

I like to keep track of things, like how many of something: new countries, passport stamps, train segments, new airports, places I slept, beers I drank, gelato I ate, jaywalking tickets, etc. Here are some stats:

Money I came back with (approximate USD value at the time):
  • 16.50 Danish kronors ($2.97)
  • 44 Czech koruny ($7.93)
  • 1.95 Swiss francs ($2.10)
  • 8.20 Moroccan dhirams ($1.00)
  • 2.34 Euros ($3.14)
  • I had about 8 British pounds and change that I had from England, but I spent it all in Gibraltar
New continents: 1 (Africa)
New countries: 13 (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Monaco, Gibraltar, Morocco)

Number of cities I visited that had previously hosted the Olympics: 9 (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Garmisch, St. Moritz, Rome, Barcelona)

Number of new stamps in my passport: 8
  • Entering London
  • Entering Paris from London by train
  • Leaving Tarifa by boat
  • Entering Tangier
  • Leaving Tangier
  • Entering Tarifa by boat
  • Entering Gibraltar [by request]
  • Leaving Frankfurt by plane
Number of train segments I took with my Eurail Pass: 61
Approximate miles by train (via Google Maps): 5,500
Number of things left on a train: 1 (travel guide book)
Number of things almost left on a train: 1 (wallet)
Number of train or rail strikes encountered: 2 (both in Italy)

Approximate Miles flown (via Great Circle Map): IAH-EWR-LHR (4865) and MAD-FRA-IAH (6114) = 10,979
New airports: 2 (MAD, FRA)

Number of different beds I slept in on my 69 nights: 36
  • 1 plane
  • 13 homes/apartments
  • 18 hotels/motels/B&Bs/hostels
  • 4 trains
Beer statistics
  • Number of beers I drank: 91
  • Number of unique beers I drank: 72 (plus 1 that I didn't record the name)
  • Countries with at least 2 beers per day: Gibraltar (4), Austria (2.14), Switzerland (2), Netherlands (2), Germany (2)
  • Countries with less than 1 beer per day: Belgium (0), Sweden (0), Vatican City (0), Monaco (0), Morocco (0), France (0.25), England (0.6), Italy (0.83)
Number of times eating gelato in Italy: 14
Number of scoops of gelato in Italy: 30

Number of Hard Rock Cafes I saw but didn't go into: 6 (Cologne, Copenhagen, Prague, Munich, Rome, Barcelona)
Number of Hard Rock Cafes I saw and did go into: 1 (Amsterdam, to buy a shirt)

Number of different languages encountered in the countries I was in: 9 (English, French, Dutch, German, Danish, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Arabic)
Number of those languages I studied in school: 2 (English, Spanish)

Approximate weight loss in 10 weeks: 10 lbs

Museums: at least 32: Sherlock Holmes Museum, British Museum, Queen's Gallery in Windsor Castle, Churchill Museum, British National Gallery, the Louvre, the Orsay, Invalides, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Vikingeskibs Museet, Jewish Museum of Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Topology of Terror, Pergamon Museum, Neues Museum, Jewish Museum in Prague, Hofburg Imperial Apartments, Hofburg Treasury Museum, New Palace Museum, Kuntshistorische Museum, Vatican Museum, National Roman Museum, Capitoline Museum, Borghese Gallery, Museo Fondazione Roma, Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery, Marc Chagall National Museum, Picasso Museum, Reina Sofia, and El Prado. (Note: I didn't count palaces and such, only specifically museums)

Number of times I did laundry: 15
Number of times I did laundry in the sink: 3
Number of times I did laundry and got to use a dryer: 5
Number of washing machines I broke: 1

Jaywalking tickets: 1

Number of fines I had to pay: 2 (for the broken washing machine in Rome & for the jaywalking ticket in Prague)

Different types of electrical outlets: 3 (British, European, Swiss)

Articles of clothing bought and used on the trip: 4 (scarf in Vienna, t-shirts in Amsterdam and Rome, Russian hat in Prague)

Non-souvenir non-food things I bought along the way: duct tape (Paris), Skype credit (Amsterdam), headphones & computer mouse (Munich), Swiss plug adapter & luggage lock (Lucerne)

Non-souvenir things I "borrowed" along the way: box of tissues from the room in Lucerne, knife and fork from a restaurant in Vienna, spoon from a train in Spain

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