Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Switzerland details

I've fallen behind in my daily writing - as I write this now, I'm going on day 3 in Switzerland, so I still have 1 day of Hallstatt, 4 days of Munich, 2 days of Bavaria, and 2 days in Switzerland to get caught up - but I still have to plan for where I'm going more than write about where I've been.  So here's the plan for Switzerland.

Mon Oct 24 (Day 38) Lucerne
  • 0551-1249 Train from Fussen to Lucerne
  • 1400-1900 city walk 

Tues Oct 25 (Day 39) Bern
  • 1000-1100 train from Luzern to Bern
  • 1200-1900 city walk 

Wed Oct 26 (Day 40) Berner Oberlander
  • 1034-1052 Train from Bern to Thun
  • 1133-1345 BLS boat ride from Thun to Interlaken West
  • 1500-1900 TBD 

Thu Oct 27 (Day 41) Berner Oberlander
  • 0800-1600 Jungfrau tour

Fri Oct 28 (Day 42) Berner Oberlander
  • 0752-0955 Train from Interlaken West to Lauterbrunnen, followed by Cogwheel train to Mürren, followed by cable-car ride to Schilthorn
  • 1000-1600 Schilthorn
  • 1600-1730 cable car ride to Mürren, stop for a while there
  • 1730-2000 cogwheel train to Lauterbrunnen, stop for a while and have dinner
  • 2033-2103 train to Interlaken West
 Sat Oct 29 (Day 43) Zermatt
  • 0908-1114 train to Zermatt
  • 1200-1900 R&R, possible Gornergrat mountain train
 Sun Oct 30 (Day 44) Glacier Express to St Moritz
  • 1013-1742 Glacier Express
  • 1800 meet Romeo’s mom for transport to hotel 
 Mon Oct 31 (Day 45)
  • 0702 leave for Milan
I wanted to stay out in the Swiss countryside, but with the things that I wanted to do all leaving from Interlaken, it just made more sense.

The Glacier Express is a 7-1/2 hour train ride that goes through the mountains (figuratively and literally), tunnels, and bridges in the Swiss Alps, from Zermatt in the southwest to St Moritz in the southeast.

(Originally posted 10/26/11 at 2:02am, Bern)

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