Monday, April 4, 2011


5/29 Update: Not going to Bratislava (or Budapest, for that matter)

Going from Prague to Budapest, I can take the overnight train that leaves just after midnight and gets in at 8:35am.

Or... I could leave at the same time and get into Bratislava, Slovakia at 5:40am (or spend the night in Prague and take a 7:39am train that gets in at noon) and spend the day in Bratislava wandering around. Then, I can either stay the night or leave during the day (1:54-4:35, 3:54-6:35) to head to Budapest in 2h41m. If I stayed, the next day I'd take the 9:54am which gets into Budapest at 12:35pm.

Anyone have suggestions on whether or not to take a day or part of one in Bratislava rather than passing through it at night while I sleep?

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